Module 1 – Personal and everyday coping skills


Life is a series of both pleasant and unpleasant events; some we can control, some other we cannot. Each person has a different personality and copes with the different challenges that life brings. A lot of people may experience stress due to not having enough money, being unemployed, having unsafe housing, discrimination, or trauma, which may result in more physical strain on their body. Ongoing stress can weaken the immune system, making people more at risk of illness and disease.

However, individuals can learn to practice resilience and develop their different personal coping skills that will help them in different situations of their life. Learning to cope in a healthy way through the daily challenges can make us healthier both mentally and physically, as these two are interrelated.

This module focuses on such skills, with particular attention given to coping with stress, dealing with changes, issues of employment and financial stability and using key tools in making our daily life easier. The exercises of the module correspond to the Session Plans developed under the same module, as part of IO2 – Development of the total Jobpackage concept.