Module 5 – Digital skills


It is important to develop digital skills which include understanding how digital technologies can support communication, creativity and innovation, and be aware of their opportunities, limitations, effects and risks. Digital literacy includes an understanding of the general principles, mechanisms and logic underlying evolving digital technologies and knowledge of the basic function and use of different devices, software, and networks. It is important to take a critical approach to the validity, reliability and impact of information and data made available by digital means and be aware of the legal and ethical principles involved in engaging with digital technologies.

This module focuses on developing the abilities to use digital technologies to support active citizenship and social inclusion, collaboration with others, and creativity towards personal, social or commercial goals as well the ability to use, access, filter, evaluate, create, program and share digital content.  

The exercises of the module correspond to the Session Plans developed under the same module, as part of IO2 – Development of the total Jobpackage concept.